This is a blog to record all of the crazy stories that will happen throughout the trip from Orlando, FL to Seattle, WA. Here is how it all starts. My best friend is coming back from Germany and so is his girlfriend. She is planning on taking his dog from Orlando to Bozeman, MT. He is planning on taking a bike trip that distance, so it leaves her to drive alone. I will fly down there and ride with her during the trip to keep her company!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Best Beer and Worst Beer

This posting will be mostly pictures and a few short stories ...Today we spent the day in Fort Collins (voted #1 city in America by Money mag) Most of the day we spent driving from one place to another ...Last time I had been to horsetooth resevior, it was empty (repairs on the dam) This time it was back to its old glory ...still a little low, but it'll fill up more.

After a quick meal at Big City burrito (AWESOME BURRITOS) we meet with a friend and went to the New Belgium brewery (home of Fat Tire) After taking the self-guided tour, we got to sample some of the brews. Of course we didn't even try the Fat Tire, so there were about 10 to choose from ...The beer lady said Le Mairs was a good beer we both decided to try it ...well, I'd imagine that if you drank bial, it'd be pretty close date, its the only beer I actually took back to the bar and asked for something different!

Enjoy the extra pictures for today! Tomorrow we're headed towards Salt Lake City (going the long route)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bit of fun! The expression on Megan's face said a lot - ha! You really know how to 'see' things. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I've used that tree up on the top of Horsetooth Reservoir for climbing pro before. There are some good routes down below there. Glad the trip went well.



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