This is a blog to record all of the crazy stories that will happen throughout the trip from Orlando, FL to Seattle, WA. Here is how it all starts. My best friend is coming back from Germany and so is his girlfriend. She is planning on taking his dog from Orlando to Bozeman, MT. He is planning on taking a bike trip that distance, so it leaves her to drive alone. I will fly down there and ride with her during the trip to keep her company!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mormons know how to pick the places!

Too bad the laws are such that life would be a little "rough" in Utah ...this place is beautiful! We drove the back route to Salt Lake City (well, actually Ogden, north of SLC) From Fort Collins to Odgen was about 500 miles and it took about 8 hours (a few stops here and there) I was very beautiful though. We stopped in the small (now large) town of Steamboat Springs ...I use to ski there a few times a year remains my favorite place to ski/snowboard ...someday it'd be nice to move near there (maybe when I win the lottery ...yes, I know its a bad mathematician's game)

Everything went pretty smoothly today navigator slept pretty much after noon (didn't miss much ...Wyoming is pretty non-discript, see picture) The drive was great though ...most of the roads were very clear and there was lots of natural beauty ...the mountains in the northwest corner of Colorado are beautiful ...its no wonder why they call it "colorful" Colorado! You can see many layers in the rocks ...dark reds and browns to light, almost yellow rocks ...I couldn't get a photo to do it justice (I'm not terribly good at landscape photos ...yet!)

Tonight, my traveling companion went in to find out about this hotel ...she ended up booking the "king suite" which has two rooms! I can fall asleep to the TV tonight! (makes me pretty stoked ...she thinks that it must be a "guy" thing ...maybe?) Tomorrow should be an easy day, we're suprising a friend in central Oregon (haven't told that person we're coming yet ...should be fun) We've also already planned out the rest of the trip ...I won't leak any details yet, how'd I keep you coming back to read?

Now to leave you with some Utah facts (I purposely left off Wyoming, wait, I'll tell a joke :-)

Why is Wyoming so windy?

Because Utah blows and Nebraska sucks (hehe)

ok, back to Utah facts:
1. Utah is also known as the "beehive state"
2. Levan, is "navel" spelled backwards. It is because it's in the middle of Utah
3. Mormons live here

Well, as Porky would say "abbda abbda, thats all folks!"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your pictures really are good. Was the napping because of the beer tasting the night before or the 'quiet' scenery? You seem to be enjoying all aspects of the trip - and to be staying in such posh hotels... sometimes it pays to take the back roads. ha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike - I've shown this blogspot to soooo many of our friends - Comments like 'that is so neat' - 'seems like a pretty talented kid' - 'he's every mother's dream' - We appreciate so much the great updates - commentary and the joke... Keep up the great communication!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol! Thanks for the laughs.



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