This is a blog to record all of the crazy stories that will happen throughout the trip from Orlando, FL to Seattle, WA. Here is how it all starts. My best friend is coming back from Germany and so is his girlfriend. She is planning on taking his dog from Orlando to Bozeman, MT. He is planning on taking a bike trip that distance, so it leaves her to drive alone. I will fly down there and ride with her during the trip to keep her company!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Seattle or Bust....

After the great experience we had in Oregon, we headed towards the great town of Leavenworth, WA. Leavenworth is a bavarian style town in the cascade mountain range. The town was starting to die when the towns folk voted to make it a bavarian town. Everything in the town then had to be changed. It is pretty similar to Garmisch, but it still isn't exactly the same.

The "Live Cargo" is still alive and doing great! She has really started to open up ...Instead of three weeks to get to know someone, its down to about 10 hours ...She gets so excited to go out ...anytime either of us picks up the leash, the dog just jumps up and runs around in circles! I think she will do great in her final destination!

Leavenworth, its pretty expensive, so we only could afford to stay one night ...we left for Seattle in the morning ...Along the way, we stopped at the local ski mountain "Stevens Pass" ...I worked there last winter and plan on it this winter too ...its not Colorado, but its not bad (just avoid the early winter!)

The mountain is fairly small, but the scenery is very beautiful ...One thing I do like about it is that the mountains are rugged ...there is a very diverse amount of terrain!

Lastly, this is almost the last blog I will write ...we are about to head to downtown Seattle ...this will be the final destination on this blog, since its currently "home" to me (although, Colorado is still "home" in my heart!) I will fill in and have some reflections about the trip on the next blog ...I have a hockey game tonight and I'm very excited that my friends will be coming and watching ...So, the blog will come tomorrow morning!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was our first and great experience into this media! THanks for the great 'trip' - The pics were wonderful. You accomplished a lot of things with this blog. We traveled with you and saw it all! AND we were able to know that you were safe and had arrived. THanks Thanks = We don't know what we willdo now that it has come to an end. ha



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